Killer Sudoku

Killer Sudoku

Originating in Japan, Killer Sudoku is an amalgamation of Sudoku and Kakuro. The puzzle is solved like a Sudoku, but with an extra element. The grid is overlaid by a pattern of ‘cages’, usually denoted by dotted lines, that have a small number in the corner: the sum of all digits within the ‘cage’ must total this number. So when complete, the Killer Sudoku grid is filled with digits from 1 to 9 with no digit repeated in any row, column or cage.

Despite the ‘Killer’ moniker, simple Killer Sudoku puzzles can in fact be easier to solve than their regular counterpart, depending on the player’s mental arithmetic abilities.

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Also Known As:

Addoku, Samu Nanpure, Sum Sudoku, Sumdoku, Sums Number Place, Tashizan Numpre

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