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For lovers of logic, Beyond Sudoku features an inspirational range of fascinating puzzles from Japan and closer to home. An ever-evolving magazine, the contents vary from issue to issue, as new puzzles are introduced. Expect to find puzzles such as Bridges, Kakuro, Slitherlink, Futoshiki, Dominoes and Battleships.

Number of puzzles: 100+

Issues per year: 8

UK 8-issue full price annual rate: £41.60.

Six good reasons to subscribe:
Save on the shop price Free UK delivery Never miss an issue Money-back guarantee on unmailed issues Free monthly puzzles by email for subscribers with an online account, opted in to receive emails Free ecard with gift subscriptions ordered online

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic, but addictive.

By on 09/11/2023
I have been subscribed to this magazine for a while, there are some brilliant puzzles in here. The only criticism is that there could be more of some, and less of others, eg Mosaic, Enigma, Campixu, and how about including a 4x4 sudoku? Also, I have no idea how to solve the "arrows" puzzle, instructions could be slightly clearer, and I'd like to see the "guest" puzzles appear in future editions.
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Great Variety!

By on 26/12/2021
As others said the maganzine contains a great variety of puzzles (beyond Sudoku!). Some I like more than others but I think that just my personal preference. Overall a very good magazin. If you like logic and number puzzles and want to go beyond Sudoku ;-), that's your choice.
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By on 22/11/2020
These puzzles are great!! An amazing selection. Lots of other books offer just sudoku puzzles - this has all sorts of logic puzzles. I’ve subscribed for a few years now, and get so excited when the new one comes through the door!! I have to be restrained and just do a few each day 😀
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Great variety

By on 17/11/2020
I’ve been buying this magazine for years and love it (ironically the sudoku are my least favourite puzzles that it contains!) There are interesting guest puzzles, but always the same staples included as well. I know they can’t keep everyone satisfied, but for me I would just like there to be fewer of the colouring in types such as Mosaic, Enigma, campixu and Hanjie (pages of each) and more of some of the others like Take Five Futoshiku, In the Loop and High Rise (two or three of each).
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Beyond Sudoku review

By on 02/09/2018
I've considered subscribing to this for some time, wanting some more sudoku puzzles and being unable to find it on sale locally. I am very disappointed, there are over 100 puzzles - but only 3 are sudoku. I had hoped for mainly a selection of sudoku varieties but is a collection of more than 30 different, mostly obscure, puzzles. This is one for someone who likes the "guest puzzle" and lots of variety.

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