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A huge selection of your favourite mixed puzzles, designed to be shared with all the family – there really is something for everyone!

Included are various types of crossword, arroword, codeword, the very popular Double Acrostic, logic problems, Killer Sudoku, Skeleton Crossword, Spot The Difference, plus wordsearch and kriss kross that usually have a seasonal theme. A small varying selection of tricky, tough puzzles, such as Alphacipher and Numbercrostic, will challenge the most dedicated of puzzlers.

Puzzles for youngsters include simple versions of teasers such as codeword, crossword, wordsearch and kriss kross.

Every issue has £2,024 in cash prizes to be won!*

Number of puzzles: 170+

Issues per year: 13

*Competitions subject to T&Cs.

UK 13-issue full price annual rate: £59.80.


Six good reasons to subscribe:
Save on the shop price Free UK delivery Never miss an issue Money-back guarantee on unmailed issues Free monthly puzzles by email for subscribers with an online account, opted in to receive emails Free ecard with gift subscriptions ordered online

Customer Reviews

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Puzzle Compendium

By on 06/10/2023
I have been buying Puzzle Compendium for over 15 years, however, over the years, the theming of the books has been non-existent e.g Halloween, Christmas issues etc. Each issue would be full of seasonal puzzles rather than just random ones you get now. I think they should go back to the way they used to be and make them more enjoyable again. I love Puzzle Compendium, but it's not as good as it used to be.
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Enjoyable puzzle fix

By on 24/09/2023
I enjoy this publication, but would prefer more of the skeleton and outsider crosswords. I do find there are a few too many children's puzzles and would prefer less kriss kross, spot the difference and word search puzzles. Would it be possible to have a more grown up magazine that has less of these in? I tend to skip a lot of pages because of this.
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By on 22/02/2022
I feel there are too many wordsearch puzzles. They can be quite boring. I would like to see more pieceword and general knowledge puzzles.
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Q Puzzle Compendium review

By on 10/09/2020
It is so true that we all different puzzles. However I find there is an imbalance with more crosswords than necessary.
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Q Puzzle Compendium review

By on 28/06/2019
There seems to be an imbalance of types of puzzles i.e. there are so many Wordsearches, Kriss Kross which can be a bit boring so I do not often complete! It would be nice to see more Outsider, Kross Filler type puzzles!
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Q Puzzle Compendium review

By on 04/09/2015
Good selection of puzzles - keep me busy all month. Would like to see more Sudoku, Killer Sudoku and Suguru and maybe a few less Wordsearch and Kriss Kross but that's just me. An excellent book.

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