Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines and Acceptable Use Policy ("Guidelines")

These Guidelines relate to any user-generated content, including content submitted by you (Your Content) available on (Site) through chat rooms, message boards, news groups and/or other public forums or methods of uploading user-generated content, including anything posted on our noticeboard (collectively Forums).

Please read these Guidelines carefully: it sets out our 'house rules', including what you can do and what you should not do and how to report user-generated content. We take any breach of these guidelines and/or reports from other users of the Site very seriously and we may suspend, terminate or block you from registering with us on the Site.

If you are under the age of 12 you will need to obtain a parent or guardian’s permission before posting anything onto a Forum and we may ask for their email or telephone contact details to confirm this permission and if you are under 18 you should look at our Community Guidelines (Under 18).


Do positively contribute to a Forum by posting Your Content but do remember that you are responsible for Your Content. Please bear in mind the effect that Your Content may have on others.

Do be polite, stay friendly and respect others' opinions and content.

Do keep Your Content relevant to the Forum and the nature of the topic.

Do report abuse (see below for how to do this) if you believe that any user-generated content does not comply with these Guidelines or our Website Terms and Conditions of Use.

Do not…

Do not post rude or abusive messages, use swear words or crude or sexual language, including personal attacks on other people. Only English is allowed.

Do not post confidential or private information about anyone (like email or physical addresses or telephone numbers).

Do not post anything that may prejudice pending or ongoing legal proceedings.

Do not post any content that is:

– defamatory, false or misleading;

– insulting, threatening, harassing or abusive or is likely to cause someone alarm, anxiety or distress;

– obscene or of a sexual nature;

– offensive, violent, racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory against any religions or other groups or which might encourage such conduct;

– insulting, malicious or inappropriate; or

– encourages or teaches conduct that is a criminal offence, gives rise to civil liability, or is otherwise unlawful.

Do not use the Forum for:

– the advertisement or promotion of any product or service or for any other commercial purpose. Please call (+44/0)1737 445100 to find out more about advertising opportunities.

– sponsorship, petitions, campaigns, schemes or chain messages;

– any sort of investigation (including the location of any person).

Do not pretend to be anyone else (eg a member of our team, someone famous, an expert etc) or otherwise misrepresent your identity, affiliation or status.

Do not post links to other websites or post content which would be an infringement of any intellectual property rights, such as copyright and trade marks. This means that you should submit only content which belongs to you or that you have permission to use. Before posting or sending any content referring to or relating to any living person, you must obtain their explicit consent to be referred to on the Site and you warrant to us that you have done so prior to posting such material. If the living person is under 16 you must obtain the consent of their parent or guardian to this use.

Do not use any Forum for transmitting any spam, junk mail, or any other form of commercial solicitation.

Do not post onto any Forum anything that contains any software viruses or any other code, file, program designed to harm the function of any computer or telecommunications equipment.

Do not collect or store (or attempt to collect or store) any personal data that you may receive about other users of any Forum.

Do not make available or upload files that contain a virus, logic bomb, worm, trojan horse, corrupt data, or other malicious software or any harmful data or conduct that may damage the operation of the computer or property of another.

Do not report abuse just because you disagree with something someone has said.

Do not re-post Your Content that has been removed.

How to report content

If you believe any user-generated content does not comply with these Guidelines or our Website Terms and Conditions of Use you should let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at and give us as much information as possible about why you are reporting content.

Where appropriate we will endeavour to respond to emails within three days of receipt, but give no warranty that we will respond to any email sent to us. Unless you indicate to the contrary, all emails received by us from you are deemed to have been submitted, where appropriate, for publication, free of charge. If we decide to publish an email from you, we will incur no liability to you by doing so. We will not disclose any of your personal information in doing do under any circumstances.

Removal of content

We may remove any user-generated content (including Your Content) that does not comply with these Guidelines or our Website Terms and Conditions of Use. We may choose whether to remove all or part of any user-generated content for whatever reason.

If we do remove Your Content, we may email you to let you know that your account has been suspended or that you have been banned from the site.

If Your Content has been removed, you should not re-post it.

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