Tough Sudoku

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Puzzler published the country’s first and most popular Sudoku title. We are often asked for more difficult (but fair!) puzzles. Here is a selection of the most difficult puzzles we have created.

Available only as a PDF download to print out at home. Immediate access via order confirmation email.


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My experience.

By on 17/03/2022
For a start it is a new PDF not suitable for old adobe. This is a pity because it isnt easy to change it to the old PDF. They are not that hard but take a long time. They are based really on two rules. One is that if only two of one possible number exist in two columns then the rest of those two rows which have that number can be eliminated. The other rule is that if one has two numbers only in two cells (row box or column) then the rest of those two numbers can be eliminated.

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