Also known as: CrossPix, Crucipixel, FigurePic, Griddlers, Japanese Puzzles, Logic Art, Logimage, Nemologic, Nonogram, Nonogramm, Nonogramme, Oekaki Mate, Oekaki-Logic, Paint By Numbers, Paint It Black, Pic-A-Pix, Picture Logic, Pixel Puzzles, Tsunami

Hanjie is a picture-based logic puzzle that originated in Japan in the late 1980s. The aim is to reveal a pixelated picture by shading blocks in rows and columns based on the clues provided. There’s no limit on the size that a Hanjie puzzle can be and, unlike many grid-based puzzles, they are not restricted to square layouts.

Hanjie puzzles are often black and white, though colours are sometimes used in which case the clues are also coloured to indicate what colour should be used when shading each block.

Like Hanjie?
You should try Link-a-Pix (the star of one of our digital apps) which is similar to Hanjie in that the aim of the puzzle is to create an image based on the clues provided.

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Hanjie Magazines

Hanjie has a devoted fan base who are loyal to our two dedicated Hanjie magazines. Super Hanjie features sumo-sized puzzles, which as well as giving many more hours of puzzling pleasure, produce pictures that have greater detail than is possible in smaller grids.

Hanjie Books, Printables and Other Products

If you’re after an immediate Hanjie fix, we have a number of printable puzzles that may be of interest – simply print out at home and play:

Online Hanjie

Prefer to play your puzzles online? We have a huge selection that you can play right now in your web browser! We recommend that fans of Hanjie try Link-a-Pix.

Hanjie Apps

You may be interested in Link-a-Pix Puzzler, a visual puzzle similar to Hanjie. Sudoku Puzzler is always a popular choice for those that love logic puzzles.