Super Hanjie

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Like Hanjie magazine but on a sumo-sized scale! You create a pixelated picture using your powers of logical deduction.

The larger grid sizes give many more hours of puzzling pleasure, and produce pictures that have more detail and visual appeal than is possible in the smaller grids; for example, it is possible to create a very good likeness of a famous building or person, as well as the standard scenes from everyday life and nature. No trial and error is needed, but the harder puzzles can be very challenging, requiring you to spot just where a logical deduction can be made.

For an extra mind-stretch, also included are two variations on the standard Hanjie puzzle – two-colour Hanjie and Labyrinth.

Number of puzzles: 45

Issues per year: 8

UK 8-issue full price annual rate: £41.60.

Six good reasons to subscribe:
Save on the shop price Free UK delivery Never miss an issue Money-back guarantee on unmailed issues Free monthly puzzles by email for subscribers with an online account, opted in to receive emails Free ecard with gift subscriptions ordered online

Customer Reviews

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Super Hanjie

By on 05/03/2024
So addictive, challenging and really rewarding! Wish there were more additions than 8 per year!
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Super Hanjie review

By on 30/01/2019
Super Hanjie is the best logic puzzle ever.
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Super Hanjie review

By on 05/02/2015
This type of logic puzzle is great fun and more challenging than the standard size. And it lasts me the whole 2 months!

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