Double Acrostic

Also Known As:

Acrostic, Joke Quote, Missing Link

An acrostic puzzle is one in which the initial letters of the answers to the abecedarian clues spell a word, or a phrase. In a double acrostic, all of the letters of all of the answers are cross-referenced (each, once only) to spell a passage related to the word or phrase. There are several versions of this puzzle with minor differences, but all follow the same pattern.

These puzzles make more demands of the compilers and the checkers than the solvers; but for solvers, cross-referencing between answer grids is the recommended solving strategy.


Enter the solutions to the clues into the numbered rows of the top grid. Transfer the letters to the corresponding cross-referenced squares in the lower grid to reveal a quotation. The first column of solutions in the top grid will reveal a name or a title related to the quotation in the lower grid.

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