Also Known As:

Inroads, Inwords, Quiz Roll, Spiral, Spirogram, Whirly Words

Spiral is the name given to a range of clued puzzles where the answers essentially form a long chain of words. A spiral grid provides a particularly compact format for this long chain. For most of these puzzles, the last letter, or letters of one answer form the first letter(s) of the next answer – but occasionally, answers do not overlap. In this latter instance, the puzzle is no more than a quiz, disguised as a grid-based puzzle.

Lack of intersection can make solving the puzzle more demanding. Ideally, the clues will be numbered in the grid (if not, the solver has to work through the clues in order, and must count blank spaces if an answer proves elusive, in order to enter the next answer in the correct space). The lack of intersection between answers makes this a suitable puzzle for thematic clues. It is also a puzzle that benefits from spell-out answers. These puzzles can be designed as a form of double acrostic. As with other puzzles of a similar ilk, the solver can cross-refer between the spell-out grid and the puzzle to work out all of the answers. It is also possible to incorporate spell-out answers in the spiral (eg, along the diagonals).


Enter the answers to the clues into the grid, following the spiral pattern. The last letter of each answer is the first letter of the next.

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