Double Cross

Also Known As:

Full Quota, Say What, Who Said That, Who Said What

In this version of a double acrostic puzzle, a set of clues is provided for the first grid, which has numbered rows and letters assigned to columns. On completion of this grid, column A will spell out the author of the quotation to be deciphered in the second grid. The two grids are linked by the presence of co-ordinates in the second grid that have replaced the original letters of the quotation. These co-ordinates consist of a number followed by a letter, and correspond to the rows and columns in the first grid.

Every letter from the first grid must then be transferred to its correct position in the second grid using the co-ordinates given. When all the letters have been transferred, the quotation will be revealed. It will probably be necessary to cross-reference between the grids, identifying words in the second grid and working backwards to fill in answers to the first.


Solve the clues, entering your solution in the numbered rows of the top grid. When completed correctly, column A will spell out the name of a famous person, reading from top to bottom. Now transfer all the letters to the corresponding cross-referenced squares in the lower grid, and you will be able to read a quotation from this person.

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