Mixed Puzzles

Spice up your life with the variety of puzzles in our mixed-puzzle magazines. Dip in and pick the perfect puzzle every time, according to your mood and time available.

  • Puzzler

    The original and best puzzle magazine. A great selection of stimulating puzzles from the nation's top compilers. 

    every 3 issues, save 25%
  • Puzzler Collection

    A wide variety of great puzzles help to make this title the UK's No.1 puzzle magazine!

    every 3 issues, save 24%
  • Q Puzzle Compendium

    A huge selection of your favourite mixed puzzles; designed to share with all the family!

    every 3 issues, save 13%
  • Puzzler Special

    A bumper selection of Puzzler favourites including wordsearch, kriss kross, crossword, codeword, Sudoku and more!

    every 3 issues, save 16%
  • Best Puzzler Ever Magazine

    Our pick of three classic Puzzler titles in one value-for-money, quality compilation.

    every 6 issues, save 9%
  • Pocket Puzzler Collection

    A great variety of puzzles based on the UK's most popular puzzle magazine – all wrapped up in a handy pocket size!

    every 3 issues, save 13%
  • Beyond Sudoku

    Enjoy Sudoku and discover Slitherlink, Bridges, Hanjie, Enigma and more! 

    every 8 issues, save 6%
  • Puzzler Kids’ Collection

    Solve fun puzzles and enter cool competitions along the way in this colourful illustrated magazine.

    every 7 issues, save 5%
  • Junior Puzzles

    A bumper collection of fun puzzles including Spot The Difference, wordsearch, crosswords, mazes and more.

    every 3 issues, save 9%