Train Tracks

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A visually pleasing puzzle that will appeal to all commuters and model railway enthusiasts – and also to solvers of Battleships and Campsite.

A map grid shows two towns, typically A and B. The objective of the puzzle is to put down tracks to connect the two towns. Numbers around the outside of the grid tell you how many pieces of track are to be placed in each row and column.

There is something very satisfying in the laying down of tracks. The puzzles can be designed with varying levels of difficulty, where difficulty is largely dependant on size of map grid (from 6x6 to 10x10).

The idea comes from Philipp Hübner and his son Valentin, an Austrian team specialising in logical puzzles.


Lay tracks to enable the train to travel from village A to village B. The numbers indicate how many sections of rail go in each row and column. There are only straight rails and curved rails. The track cannot cross itself.

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