Also Known As:

Batalia Naval, Batoru, Battleship Solitaire, Find the Fleet, I See No Ships, Schiffe Versenken, Ship Shape, Sink The Fleet, Sink The Ships, Solitaire Naval Puzzle, The Naval Action, Yubotu, Zeeslagie

A fleet of ships, of specified size, is hidden in a section of ocean that is displayed in a grid. The only clues to the locations of the ships are:

  1. the digits on the axes that indicate the number of cells occupied by ships in each row and column;
  2. the fact that, although ships may be orientated horizontally or vertically, they do not touch one another, even diagonally.

This is all the information that is required in order to find the fleet. In some puzzles, a few cells are given as empty, and these are indicated as such by water.

The grid and fleet can be any size. Typically, though, a fleet consists of one battleship (occupies four cells), two cruisers (occupy three cells each), three destroyers (each occupies two cells) and four submarines (each occupies one cell).

For tips on how to solve these puzzles, download the further details file, or watch the tutorial.


Locate the fleet, using the clues provided. No two ships touch one another.

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