Beyond Sudoku

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Average Rating:
3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5
3 Customer Reviews
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
I've bought this on and off since edition 1. It was good then, and if anything is even better now. The variety of logical puzzles is what makes it. I like Sudoku, but after doing a few, I get bored of putting numbers in boxes, and want something else. That's where Beyond Sudoku comes in. In addition to standard Sudoku, it has a few other Sudoku varieties (Samurai, Killer, and others, and also Kakuro), but better still, most of the magazine contains other logical puzzles. Some (like Hanjie, Mosaic and Enigma) result in pretty pictures, which are a lot more pleasing to look at upon completion than a grid of Sudoku numbers, while others (like Hashi, Slitherlink, Labyrinth) form interesting networks of lines and open up whole new avenues of logical deduction. There are a few loosely based on Battleships or Dominoes, or those that bring in colour, inequalities, areas and other things guaranteed to get your mind working. Personally my favourites are Hanjie, Hashi and Slitherlink – but I love having all the others to mix it up. Some of the issues have had Colour Hanjie and Colour Enigma, which form coloured pictures rather than just black and white – these are the best at catching the eye of other people who often come over interested in what you're doing, much more so than it you're just doing a Sudoku, and are the most visually satisfying to complete. The standard is roughly mostly moderate-hard – I've not met any exceptionally extreme hard ones I can't do, and only a few really easy ones – so it's pitched at a good level for a relaxing puzzle with a cup of tea for anyone familiar with logical puzzles, but also accessible for people new to them. The older issues were better at giving more information about how to go about solving the various puzzles, whereas the newer issues remove some of the help and explanation in favour of more room for puzzles and still keep a bit of information. I like logical puzzles more than crossword-type or quiz-type puzzles, and I like a variety, so for me, this is pretty much the only magazine I need! 10/10
Response left on 01 October 2014:
Thank you ever so much for your kind comments. I must admit that, were I not the editor, I'd take out a subscription for Beyond Sudoku immediately!

A decision was made a while back to remove most of the 'how to' sections, in order to make room for more puzzles. On average, there were 75 puzzles in the earlier issues, and now there are approximately 110, which represents nearly a 50% increase. Detailed puzzle instructions and example puzzles are on our website, in the Puzzles A-Z, just in case anyone wants further information.

The success of the magazine is partly down to the talented compilers, who work tirelessly to produce top-notch puzzles. But we'd be nowhere without our dedicated and discerning readers. Once again, we really appreciate the feedback!
2 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 52 out of 5
I've considered subscribing to this for some time, wanting some more sudoku puzzles and being unable to find it on sale locally. I am very disappointed, there are over 100 puzzles - but only 3 are sudoku. I had hoped for mainly a selection of sudoku varieties but is a collection of more than 30 different, mostly obscure, puzzles. This is one for someone who likes the "guest puzzle" and lots of variety.
Response left on 04 September 2018:
We are sorry that you appear to have mistaken the nature of this magazine. Although each issue contains at least nine straight or variant Sudoku puzzles - including Take Five Sudoku, Chain Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku, Sign Sudoku and, of course, straight Sudoku - the magazine’s focus is on showcasing the whole range of fascinating logic puzzles that go ‘beyond Sudoku’, hence the name.

If you are looking specifically for Sudoku variants other than straight Sudoku or Killer Sudoku, you might be interested in some of the printable puzzles available in the Products area of the site, such as Sudoku Plus or Multi Sudoku.
3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5
I have been a subscriber to this magazine for a number of years now. Initially it was very good, but of late I have noticed some worrying trends. Firstly, in general the puzzles are gradually getting harder, so the mix f challenging and less challenging puzzles is being upset. more worryingly, new puzzles are being introduced which bear a strong resemblance to 'hidden object' mystery puzzles, which I detest with a passion. Two examples of these are 'High Rise' and 'Lonesum'. Neither of these can easily be solved logically. Instead it's a process of listing possible solutions, then TEDIOUSLY (the operative word!) eliminating them in an attempt to find the solution. These puzzles are just plain hard work, with little if any satisfaction in finding the right answer. 'In the Loop' is another type which does not readily submit to logical analysis. Some logic can be applied, but again, without a generous slice of luck in the choices, it again becomes a tedious process of trying to find a solution which works. This tedious searching for a key entry point is exactly why I didn't renew an earlier subscription to 'Super Tsunami' (before it was renamed to 'Super Hanjie'). At present I'm still prepared to give it three stars - just, but if it drops to two then they'll have lost a long-standing subscriber.