Logic Problems

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Logic Problems has long reigned as the premier magazine for the very best classic logical puzzles. Use the clues to deduce the unique solution of who, what, where, when and how!

The puzzles are written in a light-hearted style, with regular characters and story settings.

Other popular logical puzzles are featured, including Enigma, Hanjie and Logi-5.

Number of puzzles: 55

Issues per year: 13

*Competitions subject to T&Cs.

UK 13-issue full price annual rate: £57.20.

Six good reasons to subscribe:
Save on the shop price Free UK delivery Never miss an issue Money-back guarantee on unmailed issues Free monthly puzzles by email for subscribers with an online account, opted in to receive emails Free ecard with gift subscriptions ordered online

Customer Reviews

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Calendar puzzle

By on 30/01/2021
I buy logic for the calendar puzzle and the other ones like this, not the box ones or the hanjie, enigma, sudoku etc. I wish there more of the calendar type The box ones are just boring and repetitive but the magazine mostle has these. But its still the only magazine with the ones that I do like.
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Logic Problems review

By on 16/02/2020
I always do the logic puzzles first so a magazine full of them is perfect for me! I like the way they link together so you use the answers from one to complete the next one. I enjoyed the Tessellation puzzles and would like more of these.

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