The rise of Sudoku inspired many to invent puzzles. We received visits from aspiring compilers from places as distant as Kentucky, Melbourne and Marrakesh. Unfortunately, most of the new ideas for puzzles were not very good.

Laurence May was, by his own admission, another who was prompted initially by the craze:

"I loved Sudoku when it first arrived in the UK and it inspired me to start thinking about designing my own pencil/paper puzzles. Navigrid was created in one hour on my train ride to work, it was designed around the idea of 'movement' as I hadn't seen it used before in other puzzle types."

While it will never engender Sudoku-like levels of enthusiasm, Navigrid does have some of Sudoku's virtues and it has acquired a level of popularity.


Place the digits 1-9 so it is possible to jump from one digit to the next, in order, using the steps provided. Each step must be used once and no part of a step can be over a black square.

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