Missing Links

Also Known As:

Common Ground, Link Up

This is essentially a crossword, the answer to each clue being a word that links to each of the three clue words listed. This word may come after the clue words (eg, HEAD after BEACH, BIG and HAMMER), before the clue words (eg, BLACK before BEAUTY, LIST or JACK) or a mixture of the two (eg, STONE after HAIL and LIME, and before WALL).

The answer word and each of the clue words may together form one word or a two-word phrase. For example, the word POP combines with CORN to create POPCORN, and with IDOL to form POP IDOL.

Solvers must be mindful of all possible meanings of a word, as it is easy to get misled. For example, compare the meaning of LEFT in the clue 'CASTLE, LEFT, SAKE,' with the meaning of LEFT in the clue 'HAND, LEFT, RACK'.


The answer to each clue is a word that links with each of the three words listed.

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