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Our Mistake

Generally used as a spot of light relief among more sober puzzles, Misprints has earned itself a bad reputation.

The idea is that a standard straight crossword has sustained a misprint in each clue, resulting in one letter being incorrect or sometimes missing altogether. As with other puzzles that tinker with the wording of clues, unless Misprints is compiled well, it has all the appeal of a second-rate impressionist.

The misprinted clues should really do one of two things. Either be genuinely misleading, or if blindingly obvious, then at least conjure an image that raises a smile. Too often, the clues do neither.

This is not a puzzle liked greatly by editors. Quite apart from the difficulty of sourcing really good examples, including a puzzle in the magazine with the name Misprints seems rather like tempting fate.


Complete the crossword, in which each clue has one letter that has been printed incorrectly or left out entirely.

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