Cube It

Cube It is a kriss kross in 3-D. The grid is presented as three sides of a cube. Words can wrap around the edge of the cube, and this throws up unique challenges for solvers.

Solvers must keep their wits about them. It is tempting to look at each side of the cube as an individual unit, which can lead to elementary errors (for example, looking for a four-letter word when the word wraps over to a different face). Be aware that words on the top of the cube sometimes appear to read backwards.

As with a regular kriss kross, solvers are likely to be faced with options for each position in the grid, so it pays to be look a few moves ahead. A starter is not usually provided. If there are only a few words of a particular length, look to place these, first. There are other strategies: for example, search for two words in the grid that start on the same square, where only one combination of words will fit.

When engaged in solving kriss kross puzzles it is possible, when entering one word, to inadvertently complete another word that crosses it, particularly a three-letter word. Be mindful of this: if words are not ticked off as they are placed, they may be considered to be an option for other sectors of the grid, or they may appear to be left over when the grid is complete.


Place the listed words in the three-dimensional grid.

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