Also Known As:

Know-All, Knowhow, Memory Lane, Quiz Crossword, Quizword, Quizzer, The Bulldog, The Knowledge

Cross-Quiz is something of an institution. It appeared in the first 'Puzzler' in 1972, and has been a stalwart of the magazine ever since. For the handful of puzzlers who won't have come across it, it's effectively a cross between a quiz and a crossword. The 13 x 27 grid contains around 70 general knowledge answers, each clued as a quiz question.

While the puzzle is a favourite with solvers, that's not necessarily so for the setter or editor. Getting 70-odd general knowledge answers into the grid is a job in itself, but there's also the sure knowledge that somewhere in the grid is an answer that will defy being turned into a succinct quiz question. So if, when solving, you find the occasional tortuous clue, spare a thought for the editor, who will have grimaced, then grappled with that one.

Many magazines and newspapers feature general knowledge crosswords (names of some of these puzzles are given above, in the Also known as section) but the quiz-style questions make this one a much-loved rarity.


Solve the clues. Write the answers in the grid.

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