Alphabetical Jigsaw

Also Known As:

A to Z, Alpha Cross, Alpha Rhyme, Alphabet Cross, Alphabet Crossword, Alphabet Jigsaw, Alphabet Soup, Rhyme and Reason

This puzzle resembles a crossword, but is technically a hybrid, combining elements of a crossword and a fitword. The puzzle is in two parts. First of all, there are clues to be solved, in straightforward crossword fashion. Secondly, the answers must be placed in the grid. There will be only one way to fit the answers in the grid.

Another peculiarity of this puzzle is the style of the clues, which consist of rhyming couplets, often of a mildly cryptic nature.

A symmetrical, crossword-style grid is used for the 26 answers. Sometimes the grid contains clue numbers; these are not required, unless the solution is provided as text rather than in grid format.

There is a version of this puzzle with straight rather than rhyming clues. It is also possible to have crosswords with rhyming couplets for clues.

The puzzle appeared for the first time in magazine format in the August 1973 issue of 'Puzzler'. A version of this puzzle, created by John Galbraith Graham (Araucaria) may have appeared in 'The Guardian' at an earlier date, but this has not been verified.


Clue A leads to a solution beginning with the letter A, clue B to one beginning with the letter B, and so on, through the alphabet.

Having discovered the solutions, the solver must (as if completing a kriss kross) determine their positions in the grid.

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