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14 May 2014
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Beyond Sudoku

At Puzzler, this is considered to be an inspirational magazine, in that it sets out to be both innovative and informative.

There are many who paid little attention to puzzles until the advent of Sudoku, and many who were subsequently amazed to discover that they enjoyed Sudoku so much that the solving of puzzles had become, for them, an absorbing new form of relaxation.

The phenomenal success of Sudoku inspired an explosion of books and magazines. With very few exceptions, these tended to concentrate, naturally enough, on Sudoku. The slightly odd aspect of the Sudoku boom was that Sudoku had been around for a long time – it was one of a number of equally fascinating puzzles from Japan, and from closer to home.

Beyond Sudoku features a range of the best of those puzzles plus, of course, Sudoku. In addition to Japanese puzzles such as Kakuro, Killer Sudoku, Slitherlink (Loop-the-loop), Bridges (Hashi), Hanjie, Cell Block (Shikaku) and Futoshiki, there are also inventive puzzles such as Enigma, Mosaic, Dominoes, Battleships, Battle Lines and Labyrinth. Certain of these puzzles are only available in Beyond Sudoku.

The contents vary from issue to issue, as new puzzles are introduced.

The magazine is printed on high-quality paper in colour to allow for greater flexibility with the puzzles, but the use of colour is not intrusive. Beyond Sudoku is available only in WHSmith, or on subscription.

Puzzles included:

Battle Lines, Battleships, Bridges, Campixu, Cell Block, Chain Link, Dominoes, Enigma, Futoshiki, Hanjie, Hidato, Irregular Sudoku, Kakuro, Kenken, Killer Sudoku, Killershiki, Knossos, Labyrinth, Loop-The-Loop, Loopy, Mosaic, Nurikabe, Stars, Sudoku, Suguru, Suko, Train Tracks, X-Factor, Yajilin