Trevor Truran

I have worked at Puzzler for almost 24 years. During that time I have created and compiled many types of puzzles and edited a number of magazines, from crosswords, to wordsearch. But my special area is recreational mathematics – logic and number puzzles.

Currently, I have responsibility for Hanjie, Super Hanjie and Pixel Puzzles, as well as contributing puzzles to other magazines and newspapers.

My interest in puzzles goes back to college days. After a five-year spell in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, where I helped Britain lose the Cod War against Iceland and stopped Iraq from invading Kuwait, I was invalided out and studied to become a maths teacher. Through modern mathematics I developed a system of teaching the subject largely based on games and puzzles. I then began a freelance writing career and became puzzles editor of Games & Puzzles magazine, as well as contributing a weekly column to Computer Talk and also puzzles to the Sunday Telegraph.

Naturally, the puzzles of my own devising tend to be my favourites, in particular Mosaic and Labyrinth.

When not at Puzzler I devise and play board games and created the only official Discworld board game, Thud, which was later featured in the Discworld novel. I am a keen, if hopeless, gardener, love walking along the nearby seashore and enjoy music and reading.