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Puzzler Sudoku is the UK’s first and finest Sudoku magazine, and this well-established classic will bring you hours of Sudoku-solving fun! Designed to suit solvers of a range of abilities, the puzzles are graded into three levels of difficulty. Detailed step-by-step instructions, with diagrams on how to begin solving a Sudoku, are included for beginners.

Enjoy over 130 puzzles including other favourites that Sudoku enthusiasts will also love: Bridges, Futoshiki, Killer Sudoku, Loop-The-Loop, Suguru and Tatami. Puzzler Sudoku also showcases new puzzles, and there’s a regular guest puzzle feature such as Campixu and Round The Block. If that wasn’t enough, each issue has a £1,000 cash competition!

Think inside the box and try the UK’s flagship Sudoku magazine, with our fantastic introductory offer – 3 issues for just £3.

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From the editor, Ariane...

“Sudoku has had quite an adventure over the past (almost) 15 years – 14 years and nine months to be precise – since Wayne Gould discovered this interesting little logic puzzle on his travels in Japan. It’s been a resounding success not just in the UK but all over the world. There’s been celebrity endorsement (Carol Vorderman, Martina Navratilova, Bill Clinton and Sir Ian McKellen have all admitted to liking the puzzle), Sudoku songs, Sudoku clothing, Sudoku chocolates, even Sudoku loo-roll!

Sudoku has featured in scientific studies (eg solving before a match can help cricket batsmen’s ‘mental space’) and has its own annual world championship (in its 14th year now!). One man proposed to his girlfriend with a Sudoku puzzle (by replacing digits for letters) and another attempted a prison escape from HMP Isle of Wight by conveying secret messages with Sudoku puzzles (the plot was thwarted, thankfully). And then there’s the story of the three-month-long Australian drugs trial that had to be abandoned after it was discovered that the jury’s ‘diligent note-taking’ was them actually solving Sudoku (oops!).

Throughout this rollercoaster adventure, Puzzler Sudoku has been the much-loved, quality Sudoku magazine of choice. Launched in April 2005, Puzzler Sudoku was the first dedicated Sudoku magazine in the UK. Soon afterwards it went international, selling in over 28 countries worldwide. As with any new craze, it wasn’t long before shops were flooded with many more Sudoku magazines; but despite the ongoing competition, Puzzler Sudoku still holds its reputation as the original and best Sudoku magazine.

Initially featuring just Sudoku puzzles and a couple of other excellent Japanese puzzles – Bridges and Loop-The-Loop – Puzzler Sudoku has always been on the look-out for equally entertaining logic puzzles. When a particularly fine new puzzle catches our attention, we will feature it in the magazine. A good clue as to the calibre of these puzzles is that three of them – Kakuro, Killer Sudoku and Suguru – now have their own dedicated magazines. So if you’re after intriguing twists or old-favourite logical brainteasers, Puzzler Sudoku has the best!”

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From the readers...

“I always buy your Sudoku book and prefer it to all others.”

“I love your Sudokus – I only do these now! A subscription is the best retirement present I have had! ”

“Please keep your magazine as it has always been and for many years to come. I find it both relaxing and invigorating.”

“I have to congratulate you on your magazine. I have been buying Sudoku for a long time now and really enjoy the challenge (without feeling too deflated if I am sometimes defeated in the Hard section).”

“Thanks for your magazine, especially the variation in types of puzzles. The trouble is it becomes slightly obsessive!”

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