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Puzzler Presents: WORDY is made by word lovers, for word lovers, and it’s your first stop for all things, well, wordy! Inside you’ll find over 175 carefully crafted word puzzles designed to test even the most dedicated logophiles, including Word Sleuths, codewords, Kross-Fillers and more.

Inspired by classic word games like Boggle and Mastermind all the way through to newcomers like Lingo and WORDLE, Puzzler Presents: WORDY is here with the full spectrum of puzzles to keep you entertained and to give your brain a little workout. Mostly we’ll challenge your knowledge of words (and hopefully teach you some new ones along the way!), but also your code-cracking ability, with a sprinkling of language logic and word association here and there. WORDY – even if you don’t usually think of yourself as a ‘word person’ – has something for everyone.

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