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The UK's best-selling kriss kross magazine is celebrating its 500th issue this month! Q Kriss Kross features over 90 handmade kriss kross and fitword puzzles. Closely related puzzles that also appear are Cube It (a 3D kriss kross), Kross-Filler (an intriguing combination of a wordsearch and a kriss kross) and Number Jig.

Every issue also offers a chance to win a share of a minimum £2,000 in cash prizes. Enjoy hours of word-fitting fun with this fantastic celebratory offer – 3 issues for just £5!

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From the editor, Joanna...

“I’m so happy that Q Kriss Kross has managed to reach its 500th issue. It was first published way back in March 1978 when the Bee Gees were No.1 with ‘Night Fever’, Dennis Potter’s ‘Pennies From Heaven‘ was on our TVs, and ‘Grease‘ was the highest-grossing film of the year. A lot has changed since then, but I’m so proud that over 41 years later, Q Kriss Kross is still going strong and still in a very similar format to its very first issue.

I’m also celebrating a personal milestone with Puzzler this year – I’ve been working here for 30 years. ‘No, you don’t look old enough!’ you all cry. Well, perhaps not!

My passion for puzzles first surfaced as a child when I used to help my parents solve the crossword in a national newspaper. They were always asking me the pop questions as I was a massive Wham fan way back then. I was a subscriber to ‘Q Cross Reference’ (which became ‘Q Code Words’) when I saw a job advertised at Puzzler (it was called BEAP back then). I was of course over the moon when the first magazine I worked on was ‘Code Link’ (a variant of ‘Q Code Words’). I’ve been lucky enough to be the editor of Q Kriss Kross for over 10 years. It’s a great magazine to work on as I get to research so many varied and different subjects.

I’ve had a few letters from puzzlers wondering where we get our puzzles from. Well, on Q Kriss Kross the majority of the kriss kross puzzles are sent to us by contributors. We still have our puzzles handmade by a team of dedicated compilers because this allows us to print puzzles with lots of interlocking segments, which I know you all love.

In our 500th issue you’ll find the return of an old favourite – the Word Ladder. A reader recently messaged me asking for us to bring this puzzle back. We do always listen to our readers and try to accommodate any requests, so if you have any ideas please do get in touch. Happy puzzling!”

From the readers...

“Great puzzle book.”

“Hours of fun, great value for money, can't wait for the next issue each month!”

“Brilliant puzzle book, been a fan for years. Great to take on holiday, relax at home with. Nothing better than to come home from work, sit watching telly, doing this great book!”

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