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Puzzler Collection is celebrating 400 issues!

Puzzler Collection first launched in 1975, and has reigned as the UK's biggest-selling puzzle magazine for over 40 years. Its winning combination of varied and distinctive puzzles includes Boxwise, Continuity, Cross-Quiz, Dateline, Double Acrostic, Honeycomb, Jolly Mixtures, Kross-Filler, Numerical Crossword, Outsider, Pieceword, Roundabout, Round Tour and Story Crossword. This popular magazine also gives away over £35K in cash plus other big prizes throughout the year!

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From the editor, Francesca

“The 400th issue of Puzzler Collection is quite a milestone! I’ve been the editor since issue 202 so I’m coming up to a milestone of my own. I was thrilled to take on this job having been passionate about puzzles all my life. My dad introduced me to the joys of the cryptic crossword when I was a teenager, and we shared this love of crosswords throughout his life. I love to hear from readers who have similarly enjoyed a lifetime of puzzling.

I have a good friend who still has an issue from almost 20 years ago – she does a puzzle or two every time she goes on holiday! Even though I always take her a new copy whenever I see her, she is determined to complete her old issue. But she will only open it when she is away, hence its VERY long life.

I make a point of replying to all readers who write to me, and any changes to the magazine are in response to readers’ communication. Needless to say, everyone has their favourite puzzles. I learned quickly that there were some perennial favourites (crosswords, wordsearches, Continuity, arrowords among others) that I tinkered with at my peril. And then there were the puzzles that, like Marmite, divided the readers! So for every letter I received begging me for more Datelines, there would be another letter begging me to scrap them completely. All I can say is that I take a very democratic approach and the number of each puzzle in the magazine reflects readers’ requests. Honestly!

The magazine will never stop evolving. I am always on the lookout for new puzzles but I will never sacrifice readers’ favourites for the sake of novelty. And I will continue to reply to readers who write to me! ”

From the readers...

“Always a favourite of mine, lots of quality puzzles to play, keeps the brain ticking over nicely!”

“One of the best puzzle books around. I have subscribed to Puzzler Collection for many years.”

“I have been buying the magazine for many a long year and my favourite puzzles are the Skeleton, the Dilemma, Continuity, the general knowledge quizzes and I absolutely love the Kross Filler.”

“Love the magazine!”

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