Get staycation ready for summer!

Now's the perfect time to get organised and make sure you can pack all the essentials – your puzzle magazine being one of them. We have a fantastic range of puzzle magazines, perfect for staycations of all types: whether you're waiting out a downpour in your tent, or looking for a social puzzle round the campfire, we've got you covered! Check out our recommendations below to find your perfect holiday companion.

Something to share!
Offering a huge selection of your favourite mixed puzzles, Q Puzzle Compendium is designed to be shared! Perfect for sitting round the campfire, or indulging in a puzzle with coffee at breakfast. Enjoy crossword, arroword, codeword, logic problems, wordsearch, kriss kross, and a varying small selection of tougher puzzles, which will challenge even the most dedicated of puzzlers. Junior puzzles feature too, meaning there really is something for puzzlers of all ages.

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For a little bit of 'me time'
Looking for some time out in your day, to take a break or entertain yourself while everyone's gone for that long walk you didn't fancy? Puzzler Tea-Break Crosswords is the perfect choice. As the name suggests, the crosswords in this magazine are perfectly suited to the time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea. The puzzles are nearly all straightforward crosswords, so you know exactly what you're getting. There are a few other favourites thrown into the mix too, such as arroword, codeword, Skeleton Crossword and Sudoku for a pleasant variety.

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Keeping the kids entertained
Puzzler Special is your go-to magazine for family fun. Each jam-packed issue is themed, marking the seasons and holidays throughout the year. Think bank holidays, beaches, and Mr Whippy's in the sun! Be sure to pack this little gem in your beach bag. You can enjoy a bumper selection of Puzzler favourites for all the family with more than 40 puzzle types, including Acrostic, Alphabetical Crossword, codeword, kriss kross, Outsider, Pieceword, Sudoku, Suguru, wordsearch and many more. Plus a selection of puzzles for children from 'Quiz Kids' magazine, meaning no one gets left out.

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Already a puzzle pro? Challenge accepted!
Puzzler Killer Sudoku is the perfect magazine to brush up on your existing skills when you have a little time to get your thinking cap on. Choose the type of challenge you want with five levels of difficulty, from mild to deadly, in this top-quality collection of Sudoku puzzles. Also included are other logic puzzles such as Galaxies, Hidoku, Kakuro, Killer Uncaged and MinuPlu for a sizzling selection, perfect for any lover of logic.

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