Find Rudolph Competition

Find Rudolph for your chance to WIN!

Rudolph has been reported missing, last seen wandering the pages of our website. If you spot him, you could win one of six fabulous prize bundles!

The prizes

1st PRIZE:
One-year subscription to 'Puzzler Collection' magazine.
Puzzler mug.
'Quiz Master' book.
'Bumper Crosswords Vol 3' book.
'Cracking Christmas Puzzles' bookazine.
Four Puzzler Premium puzzle magazines.*
Puzzler-branded Parker pen.
£50 in Love2Shop vouchers.

One-year subscription to 'Puzzler' magazine.
Puzzler mug.
'Cracking Christmas Puzzles' bookazine.
Mobi game.
Puzzler-branded Parker pen.
£10 in Love2Shop vouchers.

How to enter

Rudolph has been spotted in seven separate locations in the Magazines and Shop areas of our website. In each of those locations, he is hiding behind a letter. Find him in those seven locations, and collect the seven letters. Then arrange the letters to form two words with a connection to one of Santa's helpers! Those two words are your prize answer, to be entered in the form below, along with the requested details, by 16:30 GMT on 13 January 2021. Read the competition Terms & Conditions here

*The Puzzler Premium magazines the winner receives may not be those issues shown in the prize image.