Puzzler Wordsearch – Meet The Editor

Meet Jo, the editor of Puzzler Wordsearch

Jo gives us some insight into what it’s like to be the editor of this fun-filled magazine, and what to expect from upcoming issues!

Being the editor of Puzzler Wordsearch must be a fun job! What is it about wordsearch puzzles that you find enjoyable?

I’ve loved wordsearches from an early age. My grandmother introduced them to me when I was about seven. As I grew up, my interest and enjoyment of them also grew. So you could say they’ve always been a part of my life.

My love of wordsearches helped improve my vocabulary and spelling. I remember being rather proud when I received an award for spelling in the fourth year. I was known at home as the family spell checker! My father (who wasn’t a puzzler) used to ring home from work asking, ‘Jo, how do you spell this word?’ These were the days before the internet and Google!

At the moment, I like that fact that wordsearches help me escape from my mobile phone. They take me away from the regular worries and stresses of life and help me enjoy a healthier, more relaxed mindset. Also, when you manage to solve a wordsearch puzzle in a decent time, it gives you a great feeling of accomplishment. And we all need a bit of the feel-good factor in our lives!

As an editor, I love researching new topics and using the words I find to make up brand-new puzzles. I’m always looking for innovative ideas to keep the magazine feeling fresh and current.

Look Inside The Mag!

What makes Puzzler Wordsearch stand out from the crowd?

Apart from the vast variety of themes covered, I think it must be value for money. We have 188 puzzles in every issue, so there is plenty to keep you busy for the whole month. As well as our straightforward puzzles, we have trails, quizzes, brainteasers, shaped puzzles, and our popular hide-and-seek puzzles (you solve the puzzle and a quotation is revealed). I’ve also introduced false-trail puzzles to add an extra element of fun.

You say each issue features a whopping 188 puzzles. How are these created?

We do have a technical helping hand, but the word lists and themes are all conjured up by a human – in this case, me! I think the fact that we have a lot of human input in Puzzler Wordsearch makes the magazine more modern and interesting for the reader. I also make sure we don’t repeat themes very often – no one wants to see a puzzle all about cats in every issue. Unless you are a cat, of course!

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