Beyond Sudoku – Magazine Of The Month

A miscellany of marvellous mind games!

For lovers of logic puzzles, Beyond Sudoku features an inspirational and diverse range of fascinating puzzles from Japan and closer to home. This ever-evolving magazine has an assortment of original and innovative puzzles; the contents change from issue to issue, with new puzzles introduced to mix things up.

You'll find Bridges, Campixu, Sign In, Sudoku, Stars, Suguru, Labyrinth, Train Tracks, Yalooniq, Killer Uncaged, Loopy, Hanjie and many more – including visually pleasing puzzles such as Colour Hanjie and Colour Enigma. Puzzles are moderate to hard throughout, and Beyond Sudoku is an enjoyable challenge for any puzzler familiar with logic puzzles. There are puzzle instructions and solving tips throughout, with a few easier puzzles for those new to Beyond Sudoku.

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