Magazine Of The Month – Q Puzzle Compendium

This month's top title is celebrating its 300th issue!

The first issue of Q Puzzle Compendium was published in December 1980 as a Christmas special for a magazine called Puzzle Digest. Back then you may well have been solving the riddle of the Rubik’s cube and welcomed the opportunity to put this aside and dive into a bumper supply of puzzles! Q Puzzle Compendium lives up to its name and offers a wide variety of puzzles, perfect for sharing with friends or family. Every issue comes with a free pen and the chance to win a share of £2,000. So many good reasons to celebrate – happy birthday, Q Puzzle Compendium

Q Puzzle Compendium
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From the Editor, Birgitta...

“It’s hard to believe Q Puzzle Compendium has reached its 300th birthday! I've edited 179 of those 300 issues, and it’s still just as much fun as it was in 2001 when I started. No two days are the same, and each morning before I set to work I warm up with a couple of puzzles.  

Q Puzzle Compendium is a fantastic magazine, its sheer variety of puzzles very much its strong point, and each type of puzzle has its own fan base. The letters and emails I receive from our readers are proof of this, as the requests for particular favourites are as diverse as our readership. I’ve even had a request for a specific type of symmetry in the skeleton crosswords – ‘more biaxial symmetry, please!’

There are puzzles for everyone’s taste – regular crosswords of all shapes and sizes, general knowledge, number puzzles, logic problems, picture puzzles, kriss kross, wordsearches and codewords. In addition, the very popular Outsider, Kross-ways and Double Acrostics are also regulars, and there are certainly no age restrictions. In fact, I know that many adults enjoy the junior puzzles and I dare say some of our younger enthusiasts will have a go at the ‘grown-up’ puzzles. The tough puzzles are in a different league altogether, loved and disliked in equal measure. They usually demand a little more of your time and effort, and can be fiendishly difficult – even for a seasoned editor! 

Q Puzzle Compendium is created with you, our very special readers, in mind, and I hope you will join us this month and celebrate our 300th anniversary, and Keep Puzzling!”

From the readers...

Love this puzzle book. Helps me totally relax after a busy day.

“Good selection of puzzles -– keep me busy all month.”

“Love this compendium of puzzles. A must for any Puzzler fan!”

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