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Fun, fabulous and full of colour, Chat Puzzles Select offers a huge variety of mixed puzzles with loads of celebrities, plus over £2,000 in cash and prizes in every issue! There are Sudoku, crossword-based puzzles, logical puzzles, picture puzzles, and classics like arroword, codeword, kriss kross, and wordsearch – there really is something for everyone. This lively puzzle mag is sure to give you a smile while you solve.

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*Terms and conditions: 3 issues of Chat Puzzles Select for £3 is a UK offer only. Direct Debit subscribers will receive the first 3 issues for £3 (saving over 60%), then pay an ongoing rate of £13.24 every 6 issues, saving 15%. All other payment methods can receive 3 issues for £3 (saving over 60%), plus 14 issues for £29.58, saving 10%. Total to pay £32.58 for 17 issues. Full 14-issue UK annual rate: £36.37. Offer closes: 31 May, 2018.

From the editor, Jackie...

“I recently took a family holiday to France and when, at the airport, I picked up a puzzle magazine to take away with me, my children looked at me as though I was mad. Not because they have anything against puzzles (I'm pleased to say they chose similar magazines for their age groups) but because puzzles are my work – and they can't imagine why I would want to take my work on holiday!

But the truth is that I have always loved solving puzzles, so for me, creating and editing puzzles every day is something of a dream job. But the reason I feel particularly lucky to work on Chat Puzzles Select is its sheer variety of puzzles – it really does include a bit of everything, so it never gets boring. I'm guessing that the readers love it for exactly the same reason.

The other bonus for me is that Chat Puzzles Select is a magazine with a sense of humour – the puzzles are fun to solve, and I'd even go as far as to suggest that they could cheer up a rough day. And as solving puzzles requires brainpower, finishing a tough puzzle really can feel like a great achievement. I often find that such an achievement warrants a bar of chocolate as a reward – but maybe that's just me.

I'm so proud that Chat Puzzles Select has reached its 200th issue. We published the very first issue in 2003, which feels like a lifetime ago now. There have been plenty of changes to the magazine over the years, and while the classic puzzles remain, we will always be introducing new ones to keep things fresh. As for me, in the years since the magazine began I have got married, had two children, moved to the seaside and kept on puzzling – during worktime and holiday time! Here's hoping you enjoy the magazine as much as I do.”

From the readers...

“I like the variety and the difficulty is about right for picking up during the day.”

“I have always loved this magazine and always will!”

Subscribe here using promo code: TOPMAG