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Puzzler Codewords

Puzzler Codewords features a cracking collection of over 75 puzzles, great for all codeword fans. Quality is assured by keeping plurals to a minimum and avoiding obscure words. Most puzzles have three starters but some have two, one or no starters at all! Most puzzles have a point of interest after solving: either the answer to a question or the history of a selected word from the grid. Related puzzles featured include Skeleton Codeword, Short Code, Arrow Cracker and Cryptogram.

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From the Editor, Catherine...

“I've had the pleasure of editing almost 5,000 puzzles during my time on Puzzler Codewords. I won't attempt to calculate the number of individual words and codes involved, but let's just say it's a lot. I like to think that codewords – or 'monoalphabetic substitution ciphers' as one reader referred to them recently – appeal to a certain type of solver: cool-headed and analytical with a love of words and perhaps an underlying aptitude for detective work.

With just a few leads to go on, the grid is a mystery waiting to be solved. At first glance, there's no telling whether the starter letters provided are the work of a benign compiler whose aim is to offer a guiding hand towards the solution or the work of one intent on throwing the solver off the scent. Mistake a B for an N and you can find yourself with tuna, narrow and notch instead of tuba, barrow and botch. Innocuous enough, until you find yourself grappling with nababa instead of moving on seamlessly with banana. Readers have their preferred solving strategies, it seems. Some tell me they are adept at spotting likely letter arrangements, others that they always begin by locating the letter E, and an intrepid few up the stakes by decoding only the horizontal words first.

Words are, of course, at the heart of codewords, and I begin each issue with a look at the fascinating world of the English language. Whether the theme is old words, new words, word origins or wordplay, I have the feeling codeword fans share my enthusiasm for all that's surprising, idiosyncratic and plain baffling about words. A recent editorial on dialect words for weather conditions prompted readers to write in with their regional offerings and I can now add 'skwither', 'kithy-wind' and 'mizzle' to my meteorological lexicon. My favourite, however, remains 'apricity'; it describes the sun's warmth on a cold winter's day. What could be lovelier?”

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