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Painting by numbers!

Create perfectly pixelated pictures with this absorbing and rewarding puzzle, perfect for methodical minds.

Gain the satisfaction of successfully solving a purely logical puzzle, with the pleasure of seeing a pixelated picture form before your eyes as you shade in the squares in the grid. Deduce the location of those shaded squares by means of the number clues around the grid. Discover pixel pictures of everyday scenes, nature, famous buildings, people and more in Hanjie magazine!

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From the editor, Trevor...

“Ah, Jeeves. Just pop down to WHS will you and get a supply of pencils, a sharpener and one of those eraser things.

“May I ask why, sir?

“As you know, Jeeves, through no fault of my own, I have become engaged to Florence Craye. Unfortunately, she considers that the Wooster brain is not all it ought to be and wants me to jack it up with some cerebral exercises. Hence she has given me this copy of Hanjie. I must say it looks a bright little thing. Jolly cover, a merry introduction and all that, and what appear to be blankish pages for doodling in.”

“I am familiar with the publication, sir. It provides an entertaining exercise in very simple arithmetical addition which, combined with a logical evaluation of each line one at a time, leads to the filling in of squares. The result of this pleasurable endeavour is a pixelated picture.”

“A what? Pixelated? Sounds like having had a couple of cocktails over the eight. But is the Wooster brain up to it, we ask? The only time I’ve ever filled in little squares is when doing the football pools – and I did not notice any substantial increase in the Wooster mental powers as a result. Nor did I win any money.”

“I will be happy to outline the basics, sir. I have a pencil here. The aim is to use the numbers outside the grid together with simple logic to determine which cells must be filled or not.”

“Bit like that chap in Hamlet, what?”

“I beg your pardon, sir?”

“‘To fill or not to fill, that is the question.’ Shakespeare, wasn’t it? Or was it one of yours?”

“The Bard’s, sir. Though you have not rendered the original with total accuracy.”

“Oh, well. Let’s have at it! I gather thousands of souls have been doing Hanjie puzzles for around 17 years, so it must be a good thing and should be pushed along.”

“That is the spirit, sir. You will find it most relaxing as well as mentally invigorating.”

“Right ho, Jeeves! And a brandy and soda wouldn’t hurt.”

“Very good, sir.”

From the readers...

“Great puzzles for the brain. Would thoroughly recommend for the logical mind.”

“One of the best logic puzzles! I wish issues could be published every week!”

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