Magazine Of The Month – Logic Problems

This month's top title is celebrating its 400th issue!

Logic Problems was first published in 1970, and has long reigned as the very best magazine for classic logical puzzles. Readers can enjoy a selection of puzzles written in a light-hearted style, with regular recurring characters, themes and places. This fascinating magazine will challenge and develop your powers of logical thinking in an entertaining way – interrelated clues allow you to put two and two together and deduce who's who, what's what, where, why, when and how! Plus, each puzzle includes a step-by-step guide to the solution if you get stuck.

Logic Problems
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If you're unfamiliar with logic problems, find an example puzzle in our Puzzles A-Z.  

From the Editor, Steve...

“One spring Friday afternoon at the end of the 1970s, a young student stood on the platform at Reading station, having missed his westward connection, with an hour to kill before the next one. He’d read the newspaper and tried the crossword on the first leg of his journey and so wandered off to the newsagent’s kiosk in search of something to occupy himself while he waited. He wasn’t particularly inspired by Signalman’s Monthly or Guards and Guards’ Vans and eventually laid eyes on Logic Problems issue 8. That young student was me and little did I know that, as that same magazine passed through its 400th issue, I would have been its editor for more than half of them.

Over the years, Logic Problems has grown into a little world all of its own, with a number of recurring themes and characters that have become friends to many readers. Some of the puzzles are set in a fictional, but oddly familiar, location of small towns and villages whose residents have the same experiences as the rest of us but perhaps taken close to the edges of absurdity to, hopefully, raise a smile. But we also spread our wings both geographically, to visit a group of archetypal private eyes in the US, and historically, to enjoy the antics of a group of Knights of the Round Table who buck the trend by being somewhat less that lionhearted, and some seemingly unfortunate house slaves in Ancient Rome who always eventually get the upper hand.


And we welcome suggestions of all types. Whether they’re writing about types of puzzle they’d like to see, favourites they’d like more of, or even storylines and scenarios for our compilers to craft into puzzles, we love to hear from our readers. We enjoy compiling the logical puzzle and we very much hope that the enjoyment comes across on the pages of the magazine. The puzzles may be a little taxing sometimes, but there’s no reason we can’t have a smile while we wrestle them into submission.”

From the readers...

“I just love these puzzles. They seem to feed your sense of order! I actually believe that the puzzles do you good in this world of increasing chaos. They calm you and give a feeling of achievement. Thank you very much for many hours of fun too! I find the puzzles so comical at times, as I can appreciate the same kind of humour!”

“Love this magazine. Very challenging but I also find the puzzles so satisfying to complete that they help me relax. Love the occasional different puzzles (Minesweeper, Dominoes, Killer Sudoku etc) as well.”

Get 3 issues of Logic Problems for £3 with promo code TOPMAG. T&Cs apply.