Magazine Of The Month – Beyond Sudoku

A miscellany of marvellous mind games!

For lovers of logic puzzles, Beyond Sudoku features an inspirational and diverse range of fascinating puzzles from Japan and closer to home. This ever-evolving magazine has an assortment of original and innovative puzzles; the contents change from issue to issue, with new puzzles introduced to mix things up.

You'll find Bridges, Campixu, Sign In, Sudoku, Stars, Suguru, Labyrinth, Train Tracks, Yalooniq, Killer Uncaged, Loopy, Hanjie and many more – including visually pleasing puzzles such as Colour Hanjie and Colour Enigma. Puzzles are moderate to hard throughout, and Beyond Sudoku is an enjoyable challenge for any puzzler familiar with logic puzzles. There are puzzle instructions and solving tips throughout, with a few easier puzzles for those new to Beyond Sudoku.

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From the editor, Jane...

Beyond Sudoku is the perfect place to present new puzzles. We’ve received new ideas for puzzles over the years from readers or puzzle compilers, and many of them have been inspired by Sudoku. I couldn’t put this magazine together without the help of puzzle inventor, compiler and resident genius, Trev Truran. He once expressed the opinion that mutating a classic puzzle format is not generally a good idea. He went on to create umpteen Sudoku variants to prove his point. Naturally, all these variants have proved popular.

In Beyond Sudoku, you’ll encounter a fascinating selection of entertaining puzzles. We manage to pack over 100 puzzles in every issue. We’ve made maximum use of available space and kept puzzle introductions to a minimum, but all the information you’ll need to solve each puzzle can be found within the pages of the magazine. If you’d like a more in-depth explanation of any of the puzzles, then you simply need to visit our online Puzzles A-Z.

My favourite puzzles are In the Loop and Labyrinth, both invented by Trev, closely followed by Killer Uncaged, where you have to build the grid up from a skeleton set of clues, then solve the puzzle. Sign In, also created by Trev, is another highly addictive puzzle. I’d be hard-pushed to think of another puzzle where you need the clues that aren’t there just as much as the ones that are. If you find that last sentence intriguing, then why not subscribe to Beyond Sudoku and find out more?”

From the readers...

“I've bought this on and off since issue 1. It was good then and, if anything, is even better now. The variety of logical puzzles is what makes it.”

“It's pitched at a good level for a relaxing puzzle with a cup of tea for anyone familiar with logical puzzles, but also accessible for people new to them.”

“I like logical puzzles more than crossword-type or quiz-type puzzles, and I like a variety, so this is pretty much the only magazine I need! 10/10”

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