Magazine Of The Month – Suguru

Our Magazine of the Month is a logical gem!

If you enjoy logic puzzles, then Suguru is a real puzzling treat that is immensely satisfying to solve. In this magazine you will find Suguru of all shapes and sizes, suitable for all abilities. Whilst you might notice that puzzles tend to get harder as you progress through these Suguru, there are no absolutes – difficulty is in the luck of the grids and the eye of the solver – so be prepared for surprises along the way! Each issue features a 'special guest' Suguru variant. There are also four other great logic puzzles for you to try – Sign In, Loopy, Stars and Shikaku – and every issue comes with a free pencil.

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From the editor, Ariane...

“It’s been an absolute pleasure over the last 12 years to edit a range of Puzzler’s logic puzzle magazines and, for me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than solving a good logic puzzle. Be it path-finding, grid-filling, involving calculations or creating pictures, there’s a logic puzzle to suit almost every mood or desire.

If you’re lucky enough to have already discovered Suguru, then I hope you’ll agree with me in thinking that it is possibly the most satisfying of logic puzzles to solve; Suguru is most certainly an enthralling logical treat.

We first discovered this logical gem back in 2011 hidden among a whole figurative cave of wonderful puzzles from talented Japanese puzzle compiler, Naoki Inaba. Suguru quickly caught the attention of our editorial team and, before long, it had enchanted us at Puzzler into launching its very own magazine – Puzzler Suguru.

The instructions are straightforward. Fill the grid so that each cell contains a digit. A bold outlined cluster of two cells contains the digits 1 and 2; a cluster of three cells contains the digits 1, 2 and 3; and so on. No same digit appears in any neighbouring cell, not even diagonally. Simple, you think? I’ve lost track of the number of times this puzzle has caught me out over the years. My advice is to watch out, Suguru can be very sneaky! Saying that, there’s also something enormously relaxing about solving Suguru puzzles: as your solving skills improve, you develop a rhythm as your pencil (try the free one that comes with each issue) dances about the grid, filling the cells – it’s good, pure, absorbing entertainment.

In addition to the Suguru of all shapes and sizes, each issue includes four other favourite logic puzzles of mine – Stars, Loopy, Sign In and Shikaku. Suguru readers are also quite a chatty bunch and over the years they’ve been kind enough to write in and say how much they enjoy these other puzzles (almost as much as they love Suguru) so I’m looking forward to hearing what they think of our latest addition to the magazine. A few months back, our expert puzzle compiler Trevor Truran devised five new variants on Suguru – Block, Cross, One Time, Sign and Total Suguru. I had such a great time solving these, I felt it would be rude not to share them with our readers. Now each issue features one of these variants, rotating between issues. I hope you enjoy this new addition to the magazine. Happy puzzling!”

From the readers...

“So enjoyable… and addictive! I eagerly await every new issue, and the other puzzles included are excellent too! Something to test my brain, along with Sudoku.”

“I enjoy this puzzle – very much so and it was nice to have a different type of challenge.”

“Help! How pathetic can I get? I regularly have the Puzzler Suguru magazine which I really enjoy BUT you only put three Sign In and three Stars. I so enjoy these that I rub out the answers when I finish them so I can do them again!”

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