Screen Break Activities

It's good to switch off

Now more than ever, screens are playing an important part in our daily lives – they help us stay connected and enable many of us to work safely from home. But sometimes it's refreshing to take a screen break for a few minutes; to pick up your pen and escape into a world of puzzles. You could even learn a new skill by trying a different type of puzzle (our Puzzles A-Z can help you get started).

So why not press 'pause' with a crossword or Sudoku, or whatever takes your fancy, and give yourself a well-earned break? You can get a regular supply of great puzzles with a magazine subscription and save up to 20% plus delivery is free to UK addresses. You can view our fabulous range of magazines available on subscription here

If you're unsure which of our puzzle magazines might be your perfect screen-break companion, here are some entertaining puzzles from our readers' favourite magazines for you to try:

Puzzler Collection
Killer Sudoku
Logic Problems
Puzzler Codewords
Q Word Search
Q Kriss Kross

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