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Below are the most frequently asked questions about our digital apps. Please read through them to see if you can find a quick answer to your question. If your question is not answered here, please visit our Digital Contact page.

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Cannot see current state of play or in-app purchases

Please make sure that you are logging into the game using the same login method - E-mail, Facebook or Play Anonymously.  If you use the Email login method, please ensure you use the same Username and Password that you originally used to download the game and make in-app purchases. 

If you change the login method or any credentials a new account is created and the game server cannot sync the state of play and puzzle content to different accounts.  If you do not recognise your game please click on 'Retrieve Puzzles' and try a different login method.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us so we can help you: please click here for instructions on how to do this.

Cannot access some puzzles in the puzzle matrix

Please contact us from within your digital game as this enables us to collect key information so we can assist you better. Please click here for instructions on how to do this.

Forgotten password

Within the login screen, click on the blue tab ‘Forgotten Password?’ Enter your Username or E-Mail in the box provided and click on Send E-Mail. An email will be sent to you to request a new password, and a further email with a created password.  If you wish to change this password to something more memorable, you can do this within game by going to Settings>Account>Edit Account.

Replaying puzzles

You cannot replay a completed puzzle in the puzzle matrix.

However, if you are playing Puzzler World you can replay the bonus game associated with the main puzzle although the Wheel of Fortune can only be spun once.

Purchasing more puzzle packs

You can purchase the same size puzzle pack again and again, and fresh new content will always be downloaded to your device. Please click on the ‘Shop/Get More Content’ tab on the Main Menu screen within game to show the in-app purchase options.

Collecting gold coins in Puzzler World

When you have won three gold coins by spinning the Wheel of Fortune in Puzzler World, 200 free hint coins are added to your total.  You can view your hint coin balance by clicking on the Help tab in the Main Menu screen.

Deleting puzzles

At present you are unable to delete completed puzzles.

Issue with a puzzle

If you suspect something is wrong with a puzzle, please take the time to report it to us. You can do this simply within game by clicking on the 'Hint' button (?) of the puzzle in question, followed by the icon of an exclamation mark in the bottom left-hand corner of the hint option screen. A message 'Report a suspected issue' will appear.  Please click on the tick.  The Puzzle ID will then be displayed.  Please take a note of this number and if possible a screen grab of the puzzle and email us from within game by clicking on the 'Help' tab then the icon of the envelope with the @ sign.   

Redeeming promotion codes

Please click here for full instructions.