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Take a look at our Magazine of the Month, Puzzler Cracking Crosswords, your puzzle-packed friend! This brand-new magazine has the best collection of crosswords and prizes, ideal for taking a little time out for you. It's the perfect treat for crossword lovers – you can enjoy crosswords of all varieties, shapes and sizes in this fun and friendly magazine. Each issue has colourful puzzles, themed teasers, and tantalising clues to crack, plus amazing competitions for the opportunity to win anything from cash and big-name vouchers, to a holiday!

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From the Editor, Susannah...

“When I was asked to write about being Editor of Cracking Crosswords, I panicked! I could talk the hind legs off a donkey about the many things I love about my job, and solving in general, but I wanted to make sure I fitted everything in. So, as Julie Andrews would warble, let’s start at the very beginning...

I’ve enjoyed puzzling for as long as I can remember. Way back when I was tiny, I would sit on my Dad’s lap and try to find a hidden word in a wordsearch before he did (not realising he had already spotted it and was letting me win!). Since that early age my love of all things puzzle has grown, and whether it was on family day trips to the beach, in a break at college or while travelling, I’ve always had a trusty puzzle mag with me.

There are lots of things I love about puzzling, but I think that’s the main one – no matter where you are, you can take a minute for yourself and get totally absorbed. Whether I’ve had a hectic day, a stressful day, a day out having fun; whether I’m on a plane, a train or an automobile; whether I’m at home or away – my go-to and fail-safe way to unwind is a solve. Which makes me feel really lucky that I get to puzzle for my work as well as my play!

The best bit is definitely hearing from readers. It’s so lovely to get letters from people who share my love of solving. Sometimes there are requests for more (or less!) of a certain variety of crossword, or simply notes to say thanks for the mags and that, as for me, puzzling is a favourite pastime. A reader recently asked me my favourite puzzle type. That’s easy – I’m a bit of a puzzle purist, and my favourite will always be the crossword. I love language and words, and there’s something so very satisfying about that moment an answer pops into your head! You write it in and get excited if it has given you a letter to help you with the next clue. There’s just nothing like filling in the last blank in a grid! There are also so many types of crossword, which give the same interesting use of words and solving buzz with a bit of a twist. Which brings me on to Cracking Crosswords

It was really exciting to create a brand-new crossword mag. It was an opportunity to give crossword lovers the perfect puzzle mix in one place. From my own love of crosswords and from readers’ letters, it was clearly important to get the right balance between straight crosswords and variations, as well as between simple solves and trickier puzzles. Sometimes we want a quick, straightforward crack; now and again we have time to tackle more of a challenge. It needed comps and good prizes, and it was also very important to have a friendly feel and not seem stuffy. A passion for crosswords doesn’t have to equal super serious! I think we’ve achieved what we set out to do. Cracking Crosswords is for every crossword fan – it’s fun and accessible and has all sorts of crosswords, comps and solving levels.

It’s lucky our donkey readership is minimal – there’d be no hind legs left! And with thoughts of donkeys and Doh-a-Deer ringing in my head, I can feel a themed crossword compile coming on. But panic has abated and, reading this back, I think my enthusiasm for solving has come across. Puzzles have given me so much, and I’m super happy that I get to work on them every day and help to give back some puzzling enjoyment to others. I still share a solve with my Dad, and we regularly set our sights on tackling a tough cryptic. We don’t often complete them, but just the chatting and thinking out loud is a treat, and the satisfaction of getting the answer is as great as ever (although I think he might still be letting me win!).”

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Say ‘Hi’ to Cracker, the puzzle-solving guinea pig! He's hiding in every issue of Puzzler Cracking Crosswords. Find him and you could win a prize!