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13 issues in 2014
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14 May 2014
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Puzzler Codewords

A magazine that concentrates on codewords and related puzzles.

Every issue has 75 puzzles. The standard 15x15 grid forms the basis of most puzzles but smaller grids are used to make the challenge more intense (the fewer instances of each letter, the more work goes into the solving). Plurals are kept to a minimum and obscure words are avoided. Most puzzles have three starters but some have two, one or no starters at all! Cryptograms have proved popular and solving hints are included for newcomers to this puzzle. The Arrow Cracker, an unusual combination of arroword and codeword, challenges two sets of skills.

Every 15x15 puzzle has a point of interest after solving: either the answer to a question or the history of a selected word from the grid. The editorial continues the magazine's focus on words by looking at some particularly interesting word histories (or etymologies, if you prefer).

The editor welcomes and replies to all letters, and the combination of puzzles has evolved in response to reader feedback.

Each issue runs the Puzzler Big Cash competition that runs across the Puzzler range, in which readers can win a share of 6,000. There are occasional seasonal competitions.

In response to reader research and feedback, the puzzles are printed clearly, with grey shaded squares instead of the black squares that readers find too heavy.

Puzzles featured:


Puzzles included:

22 To Do, Arrow Cracker, Cryptogram, Shortcode, Skeleton Codeword, Sudoku