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13 issues in 2014
64 pages
Page size:
120x165mm (4.7"x6.5")
Cover price:
1.55 (GBP)
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Issue 358
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21 May 2014
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Pocket Wordsearch

A compact selection of puzzles with wide appeal. Small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag, it is the perfect travelling companion.

Regular features include Guess the Year, Great British Search and Whodunnit. Novelty grids add fun to some puzzles, whilst others challenge the reader to work out a solution such as a hidden word or message. A lot of thought goes into the diverse range of themes that form the basis of the puzzles.

The layout of the magazine is reader-friendly and a second colour is used for the illustrations.

Each issue runs the Pocket Money competition, in which readers can win a £1,000 jackpot. This competition is run in conjunction with other participating Puzzler Media titles. There are also occasional seasonal competitions.

Puzzles featured:


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