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14 May 2014
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Logic Problems

For more than 20 years Logic Problems has been the premier magazine for the very best classic logical puzzles.

The reader is presented with a variety of challenges where simple clues are entered in a special grid, in the form of ticks and crosses, and deductions are made that lead to a unique solution. No specialist knowledge or memory is required, just the ability to put the facts together and reach a satisfying conclusion. Some of the puzzles have related artwork that must be used in conjunction with the clues. The puzzles are written in a light-hearted style, with regular characters and story settings.

For new readers, there are guides to solving both the basic puzzle and the other puzzles featured. A comprehensive text solution is provided for every standard puzzle, giving the solver a complete sequence of the logical steps required.

As well as standard grid puzzles in a variety of sizes, the magazine also includes other popular logical puzzles including Hanjie (the puzzle of pixelated picture-forming), Enigma (the formation of logical trails), Battleships (the classic find-the-fleet puzzle), Logic-5 (a very early and simple version of an Irregular Sudoku puzzle), Domino Search and Killer Sudoku.

Readers are invited to send in their own ideas (storyline and solution summary) and are paid for every idea taken up by our long-serving expert compilers.

There are occasional seasonal competitions.

Puzzles featured:

Logic Problem

Puzzles included:

Dominoes, Hanjie