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Crossword Selection

A celebration of the art of the crossword.

Two-thirds of the 98 puzzles are crosswords with straightforward clues. They are puzzles for which the main point of reference should be a dictionary.

The remaining puzzles are also, for the main part, variations on the standard crossword, the following types of puzzle all appearing: general knowledge crossword, skeleton crossword, anagram crossword, cryptic crossword, fiver crossword (each solution beginning with one of five letters), alphabet crossword, pieceword, codeword, arroword.

In several crosswords, the editor has insinuated an interesting word or phrase, and he remarks on these in the introductions to the individual puzzles.

The layout of the magazine is simple with an emphasis on clarity.

Crossword Selection occasionally runs seasonal competitions.

Puzzles featured:


Puzzles included:

Alpha-Fit, Anakross, Arroword, Codeword, Cryptic Crossword, Gimme Five, Pieceword, Skeleton Crossword