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Magazine Of The Month – Puzzler Collection

Puzzler Collection

This month our top-rated magazine is Puzzler Collection! We're here to tell you why it's such a great puzzle mag...

Puzzler Collection launched in 1975 and has remained the UK's biggest-selling puzzle magazine for over 40 years. Its winning combination of varied and distinctive puzzles includes Boxwise, Continuity, Cross-Quiz, Dateline, Double Acrostic, Honeycomb, Jolly Mixtures, Kross-Filler, Numerical Crossword, Outsider, Pieceword, Roundabout, Round Tour and Story Crossword. (You can look up these puzzles in our Puzzles A-Z.) This popular magazine also gives away over £35K in cash plus other big prizes throughout the year!

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From the Editor, Francesca...

“I’ve been the editor of Puzzler Collection since 2003. Wanting to build a relationship with the readers, I decided to reply to all readers who wrote to me, and that any changes to the magazine would be in response to readers’ communication. Needless to say, everyone has their favourite puzzles. I learned quickly that there were some perennial favourites (crosswords, wordsearches, Continuity, arrowords among others) that I tinkered with at my peril.  And then there were the puzzles that, like Marmite, divided the readers! So for every letter I received begging me for more Datelines, there would be another letter begging me to scrap them completely. All I can say is that I take a very democratic approach and the number of each puzzle in the magazine reflects readers’ requests. Honestly! 

The great thing about being in touch with readers is I feel I know what they want from a puzzle magazine. Alongside a passion for puzzles, they share a love of words, which is why I always include some word histories in my editorial. (And I also share something of my own life, so you can get to know me too.) And because I know Puzzler Collection readers are bold, creative people, I always include a few challenging words in every issue – there’s nothing more satisfying than looking up and learning a new word, in my opinion! Whenever a new puzzle is introduced, I wait to see what the readers think before I decide if I’m going to continue with that puzzle or even include more. The Sudoku, Kross Filler and Outsider attracted almost universal approval when they were introduced so I immediately commissioned more. 

The magazine will never stop evolving. I am always on the lookout for new puzzles but I will never sacrifice readers’ favourites for the sake of novelty. And I will continue to reply to readers who write to me!”

From the readers...

“Always a favourite of mine, lots of quality puzzles to play, keeps the brain ticking over nicely!”

“One of the best puzzle books around. I have subscribed initially to the Puzzler and then Puzzler Collection for many years.”