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6 issues in 2014
96 pages
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185x255mm (7.3"x10")
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30 Apr 2014
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Q Junior Puzzles

Q Junior Puzzles is a vibrant mixture of puzzles and slapstick fun to suit a broad age range.

Each issue contains a vast array of puzzles, games and things to do, with jokes, cartoons and a wide range of visual styles. Familiar word puzzles include crosswords, wordsearch, kriss kross and even codewords and a small version of Double Cross. In addition, there are various smaller word puzzles, such as riddles, Split The Difference, Brick Trick and Hidden Words. Number-related puzzles include Sudoku and Number Jigs. The idea is to give children the opportunity to try as many different kinds of puzzle as possible.

Each issue contains two competitions and comes with a free pencil.

Puzzles included:

4-Square, Arroword, Codeword, Crossword, Dot-To-Dot, Double Cross, Fitword, Knot Or Not?, Kriss Kross, Number Jig, Pairs, Pathfinder, Picture Maze, Riddle, Split The Difference, Spot The Difference, Story Crossword, Wheels And Cogs, Wordsearch