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13 issues in 2014
64 pages
Page size:
185x255mm (7.3"x10")
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1.99 (GBP)
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Issue 214
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14 May 2014
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Puzzler Tea-Break Crosswords

This conveniently sized title focuses almost exclusively on straightforward crosswords with 'definition' clues.

There are 104 'Quick' crossword puzzles in each issue, and all but 15 (9x9) 'Ultra Quick' moment-fillers are based on a traditional 13x13 grid.

A pleasant variety is achieved with the addition, in each issue, of four Skeleton Crosswords, two codewords, two wordsearches, an arroword, a kriss kross (arranged around a celebrity photo) and a Sudoku puzzle. Further spice is provided with a five-issue cycle of 'guest' puzzles, namely a Continuity puzzle, a Jolly Mixtures, a Missing Links, a Pieceword, and a Story Crossword. If you are unfamiliar with any of these, why not look them up in the online Puzzler Encyclopedia?

Editorial policy is to be fair, with no obscure clues, and a level of difficulty which increases gradually towards the end of the magazine. No two-letter words appear in the grids and no clue used ever consists simply of a missing word from a given phrase, or the annoyingly bald declaration '(anagram)'. Clues which give the answer away (eg, 'One who bakes' for baker) are never deployed. General knowledge clues are used sparingly.

Each issue runs the Puzzler Big Cash competition that runs across the Puzzler range, in which readers can win a share of 6,000.

The magazine is attractively presented. The layout is uncluttered, and the puzzle pages are enlivened with the amusing high jinks of an animated pencil.

Puzzles featured:


Puzzles included:

Arroword, Codeword, Continuity, Jolly Mixtures, Kriss Kross, Missing Links, Pieceword, Skeleton Crossword, Story Crossword, Sudoku, Wordsearch