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Puzzler Quiz Kids

Puzzler Quiz Kids, launched in 1987, is the longest-established puzzle magazine for children. The magazine aims to occupy and entertain children and to introduce them to puzzles.

The Quizkids are Simon and Bee and their friends Mutt (dog), Paws (cat) and Streetwise (mouse). All pages feature illustrations of the Quizkids. Each issue follows a general theme and the puzzles are attached to the story. Many of the word puzzles have extra elements to make solving them more interesting; for example, a solution may reveal the punchline of a joke or an important piece of information related to the story. Even Sudoku has an extra 'whodunit' angle that makes it more than just a puzzle.

The most popular puzzle types – crosswords, wordsearches, kriss kross, arrowords, Spot The Differences, Acrostics, Tangled Lines – are represented.

These days, puzzles have become an everyday part of school life and the puzzles in Puzzler Quiz Kids are created by hand, in line with National Curriculum guidelines. Our intention is not to educate but to entertain; all the same, we think children will develop many skills as they tackle our puzzles and discover that learning can be fun. While the stated age-range (7-12) seems broad, we believe that most of the puzzles can be managed by smart nine-year-olds. There are also activities (for example, an easy-to-manage recipe, or instructions on how to make something from everyday household objects).

There is a special 16-page section, the content of which varies from issue to issue. Occasionally, it will be a brain-training supplement, or will focus on a particular puzzle type; or it might be an elaborate puzzle adventure featuring SBI Agent, Sophie Smart and her sidekick, Hercule Parrot.

There are four competitions in each issue, with a variety of games, toys and gadgets on offer. In addition, readers are encouraged to send in pictures and poems, and vouchers are offered for any that are published.

Each issue comes with a free pencil.

Puzzles included:

4-Square, Add Up, Arroword, Crossword, Dot-To-Dot, Double Acrostic, Fitword, Knot Or Not?, Kriss Kross, Number Jig, Pairs, Pathfinder, Pieceword, Riddle, Silhouette, Spiral, Spot The Difference, Step Ladder, Sudoku, Tangled Lines, Wheels And Cogs, Wordsearch