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13 issues in 2014
64 pages
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185x255mm (7.3"x10")
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1.99 (GBP)
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Issue 155
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14 May 2014
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Puzzler Kriss Kross

Puzzler Kriss Kross has over 60 puzzles and is for the kriss kross purist.

Over 20 kriss krosses are on a specific subject, providing an interesting and sometimes humorous theme for the solver. All these puzzles have a fun and lighthearted explanatory introduction. Other puzzles have an additional element, where an anagram of the letters in the shaded squares reveals a film or celebrity.

Digit-All kriss krosses (Number Jigs) are included for the trickier challenge. In addition, there are several other puzzles closely related to the kriss kross, including Kross Piece (Pieceword), Backwards and a Quiz Kross. The puzzles appear in difficulty order, so the beginner can enjoy the simpler puzzles in the early pages (which also have handy letter tips on the squares) and the more experienced solver looking for a harder challenge can dip in at the middle or end.

Each issue runs the Puzzler Big Cash competition that runs across the Puzzler range, in which readers can win a share of 6,000. There are occasional seasonal competitions.

Both the type of puzzle and magazine format makes Puzzler Kriss Kross ideal for when on the move. It can be taken anywhere for that quick solve when there's five minutes to spare. Puzzler Kriss Kross has a clear, no-nonsense design. The puzzle squares are larger than average, and the lists easy to read – its simplicity the key in providing the most enjoyable solving experience.

Puzzles featured:

Kriss Kross

Puzzles included:

Backwards, Codeword, Kross-Filler, Number Jig, Pieceword, Sudoku, Wordsearch